Ecodesign / Life project

Life project

CORINE project (Conception Optimisée pour la Réduction de l’Impact des Nuissances Environnementales) arises from the need for a design practice optimized to reduce environmental impacts of aeronautical industry.

The project aims at developing an innovative eco-design tool for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with an appropriate methodology including crucial processes (painting, assembling...) and materials (composites, metals...) and a decision system support for “green” solutions or “ecological economy” with an ergonomic and interactive interface. In fact, through CORINE, SMEs from helicon-industry have a genuine opportunity to develop their own product based on continuous environmental improvements and on a life cycle/supply chain approach of the eco-design.


Main objective

The main objective of CORINE project is to integrate eco-design methods and tools in the frame of a collaborative and convivial tool, adapted to SME of industrial helicopter branch. The functional objective of CORINE project is to facilitate, during the design phase, the determination of “green” indicator (full lifecycle: materials, utilisation, process, recycling) commonly by the decision makers and their subcontractors and to offer its result under a shape facilitating its traceability (a file able to be integrated to a tag RFID or to any other interesting support). At the end of the LIFE project it is supposed to provide a tool able to couple a methodological analysis and a referential environmental assessment in order to replace present processes by processes called “green”.



  • 12 May 2010: (IMQ) International Conference - GREEN NOW Il verde come nuovo modello di business Milano
  • 3 June 2010: (Politecnico di Torino) Biopolymers and LCA Seminar. In Collaboration with Project Thalia “Eco-designed products for sustainable development, validated by LCA” - EcoAudit procedure: A renewed simplidied LCA approach for ecodesigners. – Alessandria