• Life Cycle Assessment

    15 years experience in building reliable environmental assessments of products and services adopting the LCA methodology, with particular care to the interpretation of results.


    15 anni di esperienza nella valutazione ambientale con approccio LCA.
  • Eco Design

    customers support during the whole design process: from environmental sustainability assessment to materials and process selection


    supporto nella definizione del concept e nello sviluppo di prodotto
  • Communication

    support organizations in: Environmental and Sustainability reporting development, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), Environmental claiming.


    supporto nella comunicazione ambientale aziendale e di prodotto
  • Environmental Consultancy

    customized consulting services on national and European legislation aimed at supporting companies in understanding the applicable law.


    consulenza specifica sulla legislazione ambientale nazionale ed europea
  • Training Courses

    LCE offers company seminars directly to organizations or specific sessions managed by Third Parties.


    offerta formativa in corsi aziendali e all'interno di Corsi Ambientali più ampi come Master di primo e secondo livello.
  • Carbon Footprint

    LCE supports companies for the carbon management strategy both Corporate and Products


    supporto nella contabilizzazione del Carbon Footprint sia di prodotto che aziendale.

Latest news

LCE in collaboration with BWA


LCE in collaboration with BWA (Bitumen Waterproofing Association) has developed 4 new EPDs according to the EPD-Norge System about waterproofing for roofing.

They are available on www.epd-norge.no

LCE achieves the double certification at Environdec and IBU for two EPDs


The mutual recognition enabled AFV Beltrame and Isolcofonrt to have the double certification at Environdec and IBU for their products

LCE takes part to the Green Fashion seminary: la moda sceglie l''ambiente


LCE takes part to the Green Fashion seminary: la moda sceglie l'ambiente.

Presentation of the National Programme for the environmental footprint.

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Featured projects

Environmental communication on the recycling issue

Sanitary-ware production: use of waste glass for saving energy and resources

GRANAROLO - Web tool for environmental analysis of packaging solutions

GRANAROLO LCA for dairy and milk products

SkyPlastic Recycling - LCA plastic products

Sustainability Report development

BARILLA - CSR web tool

Web based tool for assessing packaging ecodesign

BWA - LCA online tool for bitumen waterproofing membrane

GUALA CLOSURES GROUP - Development of a customized LCI tool for LCA/GHG purposes

LCA of packaging solutions for Espresso

Hotel Sustainability index

Life Cycle Assessment of some French products

Barilla EPD Process System: an easy and reliable way to calculate Barilla product environmental impact

Mulino Bianco - EPD of bakery products

WASA - EPD of bakery products

Critical review of an environmental analysis procedure according to ISO 14040/44

LCA of GEMATHERM XC insulation system for EPD purposes

Critical review by a Panel leaded by LCE of a LCA study ("The Green Footprint Project") according to ISO 14040/14044

LCA of the production of a glass bottle for wine

LCA of GREYCICLE KEY insulation panels for EPD purposes

LCA of GREYPOR e DISTESO insulation panels for EPD purposes

LCA applied to farmed fish chain

The BARILLA double pyramid to understand food nutritional proporties and the environmental burden of food chains

LCE has supported SINA''s GROUP (engineering company) during the design phase application for the new Tenda tunnel

Life Cycle Assessment and EPD of a PVC compound used for the footwear sector

LCT approach application to several production chains managed by COOP Italia. Development of a simplified LCA-ecodesign tool

Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration of Econyl yarn (recycled PA6 from post consumer waste)

EPD and Climate Declaration of a veterinary product

LCA and EPD of textiles

FSC Management System - Chain of Custody

Analysis of technical, environmental and economic features of Durum wheat cultivation

LCA of STIROPIUMA insulation panels for EPD purposes

Since 2003, LCE supports the Barilla packaging design team with eco-design tools

LIFE+ Project - Conception Optimisèe pour la Reduction des Nuisances Environnementales

LCA & Eco-design to support the packaging sector (EcoTool CONAI)

BWA (Bitumen Waterproofing Association) - Simplified on-line LCI/LCA tool for the new sectorial EPD

Safety Management System

ASSOCASA - Development of a simplified LCA tool for the analysis of packaging systems for detergents

Revision of Ecolabel criteria for the copying and graphic paper product group

EColabel criteria revision for the hard floor coverings product group

Simplified tool for the carbon footprint calculation

Climate Declaration of aluminium wine cap

Since 2005, LCE reports the enviornmental, social and economic performances of COOU

LCA and eco-design of high speed filling machines for liquid food

Definition of an EPD system that can be applied at international level and its implementation in two pilot countries (Sweden and Italy)”

LCA national database development to support Italian practitioners