Environmental consultancy

Environmental consultancy

Multitude of laws and requirements concern the Environment Protection and Work Health and Safety. The complex regulatory framework is also characterized by continuous development especially for the adjustment of national legislation with the Directives of EU.

LCE develops consulting services legislation aimed at helping companies/organizations in understanding the applicable law, and the development of solutions to the problems associated with compliance with the formalities required.

In this sector, LCE offer its consultancy for the:

  • ractices development related to the authorization managing environmental aspects / impacts generated by production activities (eg water discharge permits, air emissions permits, licensing procedures for the management, disposal and / or recovery of waste, etc ...).
  • Management approval procedures related to facilities or activities subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and / or subject to the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AIA - IPPC)
  • Implementing the Risk Assessment for the Safety and management of related activities (eg definition of preventive measures and protection for workers, drawing up plans and security procedures, training / information of employees, etc. ..).
  • Census and analysis of the regulatory environment / safety (local, national and EU) applicable to different industrial sectors.
  • Perform audits about Environment / Safety regulations in place to assess the normative compliance of the companies /organizations involved and develop their adjustment plans.