Quality is the cardinal tool that LCE employs in all organizational strategy to maximize company efficiency and guarantee service quality. In this view, LCE is committed to the ongoing promotion of quality throughout its corporate structure by implementing a management system pursuant of regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, which aims to:

  • define and formalize all phases of a project’s “lifecycle”, accounting for proposals, outcome elaboration and follow-up management always focused on Customer satisfaction especially in terms of potential benefits from implementing the environmental variable as competitiveness key

  • plan constant formation of the resources employed in order to achieve evident fulfillment of all requirements and continual improvement of management system efficacy while keeping Customer satisfaction as a key point

  • define and formalize quality standards for the periodic re-examination of the system both in terms of company management and quality of service provided

  • continually improve efficacy of the management system adopted by setting and pursuing quality-oriented objectives

  • adopt a sustainable approach in any of the day by day activity also to be coherent with the services offered to the Clients, including green procurement practices, energy efficient and low carbon emissions transports, “think before print” attitude and so on

Given its strong target orientation, LCE company direction, in the capacity of its founding partners, strives to provide only the most suitable resources and means for what concerns skills, equipment, information and economic resources. Furthermore, LCE periodically monitors the implemented system, even through specifically defined indicators, to ensure its adequacy.