Environmental communication / EPD


An EPD® is a certified environmental declaration developed in accordance with the standard ISO 14025.

The international EPD®system has, as a main objective, the ambition to help and support organizations to communicate the environmental performance of their products (goods and services) in a credible and understandable way.

The international EPD®system is based on a requirement to use internationally accepted and valid methods for life cycle assessment (LCA). This requirement makes it possible to identify and focus on the most significant environmental aspects in a holistic perspective which leads towards continuous improvement.

Another requirement of the international EPD®system regards the aspect of critical review, approval and follow-up by an independent verifier.

The development of an EPD may be an opportunity for the company, in particular for the following benefits:

  • assessing the environmental quality of products through identification and reduction of environmental impacts associated with the product system;
  • the ability to reduce operating and production costs;
  • the promotion of the use of technology and eco-friendly materials;
  • the definition of business strategies in terms of product design and / or alternative processes and more sustainable;
  • the visibility of the label on the product as a credible instrument of communication and marketing.

LCE is member of EPD System and offers its experience for the development of Environmental Product Declaration and its certification.


Climate declarations are a further development of environmental product declarations (EPD). An EPD shows the environmental impact of a product or service throughout its life cycle. A climate declaration is an excerpt of all climate-related data from an EPD, declared in so-called CO2-equivalents.

The use of climate declarations is therefore an appropriate and credible way to communicate product-related climate information.

The recent attention on the climate issue has led to an increasing need for companies and organizations to in an objective and credible communicate how their activities contribute to the greenhouse effect, taking into account several green house gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane.

LCE is member of EPD International System and offers its experience for the development of Climate Declaration of products.

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