Ecodesign / Ecodesign center

Ecodesign center

Studio LCE is a technical partner in the Interplast 2 project, in order to advise about the set up of the EcoDesign Center in Sophia Antipolis (France). The EcoDesign Center will offer ecodesign services to private and public customers.


Studio LCE proposals for the Ecodesign Center

The Eco-Design approach entails a global vision of a project by extending the study to the whole product lifecycle and including the environmental issues in the project design phase. Studio LCE defines the project guidelines through a careful Life Cycle Analysis of the product to improve this approach which permits to introduce environmental aspects in the selection of materials and manufacturing processes. It's very important to understand that this analysis doesn't compare different materials but it compares environmental performances of materials with the same function. In this way Studio LCE is able to support the customers in the design process, introducing environmental aspects in the objectives of the new concept.



The Eco-Design process proposed by StudioLCE is splitted in 3 different Task that can be activated separately to each other.

1 - Assessment
2 - Design
3 - Communication

In the First Task there are different subtasks focused on the analysis of the Scenario (target, benchmarking, economical, technological context, etc..) and on an EcoAudit to define an ecological profile of the new concept.

The second Task represents the Design Phase in a life Cycle thinking way. There is also an advanced subtask during which the project is execute in-depth.

The third Task is focused on the communication of the environmental aspects of the new concept through ecolabelling as suggested in the ISO 14020.