LCE in collaboration with BWA


LCE in collaboration with BWA (Bitumen Waterproofing Association) has developed 4 new EPDs according to the EPD-Norge System about waterproofing for roofing.

They are available on

LCE achieves the double certification at Environdec and IBU for two EPDs


The mutual recognition enabled AFV Beltrame and Isolcofonrt to have the double certification at Environdec and IBU for their products

Attachments: EPD_ISOLCONFORT_SRL___S_P_00478___IT.PDF EPD_AFV_Beltram_S_P_00252___EN_.pdf

LCE takes part to the Green Fashion seminary: la moda sceglie l''ambiente


LCE takes part to the Green Fashion seminary: la moda sceglie l'ambiente.

Presentation of the National Programme for the environmental footprint.

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Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) is looking for a newly graduated environmental engineer (or similar branch of knowledge) for a 3+3 months remunerated traineeship.

Candidates are encouraged to send a brief CV (max 1 page) to

The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Handbook


This book is aimed at people involved in the industrial production as well as
in the marketing and use of extra virgin olive oil who are looking for practical

information, which avoids overly academic language, but which is still scientifically
and technically sound. The main purpose of the handbook is to guide operators
involved in the extra virgin olive oil chain in making the most appropriate decisions
about product quality and operating conditions in the production and distribution
processes. To these groups, the most important questions are practical ones of
why, how, how often, how much will it cost, and so on. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Handbook will provide the right answers to these key practical considerations,
in a simple, clear yet precise and up-to-date way.

Attachments: Contributors.pdf Brochure.pdf

Eco-Efficient Construction and Building Materials new book published


The new book "Eco-Efficient Construction and Building Materials new book published" by WoodHead Publishing now available.                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Dear Sir/Madam,

A study to inform the development and the revision process for wooden floor coverings will be carried out by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS), with support from the company LC Engineering. This process is being carried out for the Directorate General for the Environment. In order to ensure a comprehensive review is undertaken, wide stakeholder consultation is foreseen with all concerned parties, such as manufacturers, trade bodies, the supply chain industry, consumer organisations and NGOs.
The EU Ecolabel criteria will be based on the requirements described in the EU Ecolabel Regulation 66/2010.  The criteria will be defined on the basis of the environmental information derived from Life Cycle Assessment and product oriented environmental performance assessment studies. Several environmental, safety, technical and functional aspects will also be considered. Moreover, during the criteria development/revision process continuous wide stakeholder consultation is foreseen with manufacturers, supply chain industry, consumer organisations and NGOs.

We are therefore looking to encourage active participation from stakeholders. You have been identified as a potential stakeholder and we are contacting you to ask whether you would like your organisation to be registered to take part in this process. This may be also done by responding to the questionnaires which will be sent following this invitation in a separate message.
Registered stakeholders will be regularly informed about the progress of the study, will have access to preliminary results and draft documents and will be invited to respond to questionnaires and/or participate at stakeholder meetings. Information will be disseminated through the dedicated website: One of the main forums will be the ad-hoc working group meetings, of which there will be two during the process. All background information, as well as announcements of ad-hoc working group meetings will be available soon at the official project's websites, which will be communicated soon to registered parties.

Should you wish to register and be informed about the progress, please send us a brief response to the following address:

Thank you in advance for your response.

FA01 Life Cycle thinking and Carbon Footprinting


2014 EDITION - The FA01 course aims at providing an advanced knowledge of the Life Cycle Thinking approach by means of the Life Cycle Assessment methodology, the primary tool for the assessment of environmental impacts.

Particular care will be devoted to  the indicator of environmental performance Carbon Footprint, the method of accounting for both organizations and products, aspects of communication in line with the latest standards and protocols (ISO 14064, ISO 14067, GHG Protocol, PAS 2050, etc.).

For more information please go to the section SERVICES - TRAINING COURSES


EPD COOP Beef Meat


The new EPD of COOP Beef Meat is available on

Attachments: ecomondo2.pdf

The International EPD system verified and certified according to ISO 14025


The Swedish Environmental Management Council (SEMCo), the programme operator behind the International EPD® System, has been certified according to EMAS/ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. SEMCo’s activities as the program operator for the International EPD® System has in addition been verified to comply with the requirements in ISO 14025.  More info and draft document on the programme operator web site.

About us

Our working group is composed by highly qualified engineers, architects, biologists, sustainable design specialists and environmental experts.


We pay particular attention to the education of our collaborators and, thanks to the application of highly competent and developed instruments, the studio can devote most of the resources to manage the useful information for research project.


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