LCE ordinary member and legal representative.

Gian Luca Baldo having about twenty years of international experience in several environmental thematic fields, he is the coordinator of several projects commissioned to LCE and participates as external consultant to some projects commissioned to Polytechnic University of Torino, for which LCE operates as subcontractor. He is an engineer (Dr. Ing.) with a Ph.D. (doctoral and post- doctoral degree) in Life Cycle Assessment; he is/has been the LCA consultant of different companies such as Tetra Pak, Barilla, ABB, Aquafil, Sofidel, GualaClosuresGroup and European and Italian Industrial/Manufacturing Associations such as AIPE (Italian Association of Polystyrene Manufacturers), ANPE (Italian Association of Polyurethane Manufacturers), BWA (Bitumen Waterproofing Association). He is a member of the Pfizer Environmental Advisory Group (NJ, USA) and the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment Editorial Board. He also worked for the European Commission and the Italian EPA in several EU Eco-label projects. He is author of 4 books on LCA (in Italian), of several scientific publications and he is usually involved as professional lecturer for different post-lauream courses.

LCE ordinary member and R&D Responsible

Massimo Marino is an Environmental Engineer graduated at the Polytechnic University of Torino with a Ph.D. (doctoral degree) in Life Cycle Assessment. He is responsible for the R&D activities and coordinates several projects for important companies/organizations such as Barilla, COOP Italia, LifeGate, etc., business associations and consortiums. At present, the application of the life cycle thinking approach to the agricultural and food industry probably represents the most relevant activity for him. He is co-author of 4 books on LCA (in Italian) and many scientific publications. Recently Massimo was appointed as Coordinator of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) System Technical Committee in Stockholm (

LCE partner, LCA engineer and materials selection for design expert

Stefano Rossi is a mechanical engineer (Dr. Ing.) at Life Cycle Engineering since 2000. He is one of the most skilled and experienced project manager in LCE and has a wide experience in the development and maintenance of electronic databases for LCA studies. In the last ten years, he has been involved in all projects commissioned by food companies for the development of eco-design simplified tools for sustainable packaging solutions development. He is the responsible of the LCE North East office based in Venice and is in charge to develop the LCE eco-design platform tool by means of the cooperation with Granta Design Ltd. (UK).

LCE partner and environmental management systems development manager

Fabrizio Boeri is an environmental engineer (Dr. Ing.) at Life Cycle Engineering since 2001. He is the responsible of the environmental management systems sector with experience in health and safety systems for different companies. He is usually involved in LCA projects as well with particular regard to the food sector. He is an auditor qualified for ISO 14001 Standard and the European Regulation 333 2011.

Consultant, environmental engineer

Assunta Filareto is an environmental engineer (Dr. Ing.) at Life Cycle Engineering since 2007 with a research background at Polytechnic University of Torino. She is an experienced consultant involved in most of the LCA projects commissioned by food companies. She has a solid experience on LCA tools use and development and is in charge of maintaining the internal auditing procedure on LCI data to be used in LCA projects.


Dario Toso is an eco-designer (graduated in Industrial Eco-Design) in charge to support the ecodesign development for LCE. He has a robust experience on biopolymers for packaging applications and follows the carbon footprint issue at international level for LCE. He is also a PhD attendant at "Production Systems & Industrial Design" at Polytechnic University of Torino.

LCA analyst

Riccardo Novelli has a degree in environmental engineering and he is involved in several LCA/EPD projects as junior consultant.

LCA analyst, environmental chemist

Paola Borla has a degree in environmental chemistry. After a training period in 2010, she is now involved in several projects as LCA analyst. She is in charge to follow up the CORINE LIFE+ Project.

LCA analyst, environmental engineer

Sonia Pignatellihas a master degree in Environmental Engineering. At LCE since 2009, after her graduating thesis about anaerobic digestion of livestock wastes, she is involved as LCA analyst, mainly in projects for food products. Water footprint is one of the research field where she is currently deeply engaged. Moreover she follows a research activity at Polytechnic University of Torino within the Applied Science and Technology Dept.

LCA analyst, agricultural systems expert

Filippo Sessa has a degree in Agricultural Science. Since 2011 he is involved as subject matter expert in LCA projects in the agricultural-food sector at LCE. He is involved in many projects regarding the evaluation of the environmental impacts of feed (for livestock) and food production in many regions around the world. He is also expert in the calculation of sustainability indicators such as Water Footprint, UseTox and other ones specific for the agricultural-food chains. Filippo is in charge of the development of models for the calculation of environmental impacts due to the fertilizers use.

EMS Manager

Alessandra Soraci has a degree in Chemistry and a work experience in the food packaging field. At Life Cycle Engineering since 2011, she is involved in some Environmental Management Systems and LCA projects. At present, she is in charge to follow the SITEB Group D manufacturers Association (the Italian Bitumen Waterproofing Section) at CEN, UNI and other initiatives.

LCA analyst, environmental scientist

Elisabetta Redavid has a master's degree in Environmental Management and Analysis at the University of Torino and, after a trainee period at Life Cycle Engineering, she is now involved in several LCA for food projects as junior consultant.

Graphic Designer

Massimo De Nicolò Full-time Graphic Designer. Massimo achieved maturity as a graphic designer specializing in multimedia graphic; before arriving in LCE he worked several years for a communications agency and organization of events. The passion for design led him to specialize, through training, the use of graphic programs and 3D modeling. He deals with Industrial Design, design 3d, render photo-realistic, graphic & web design bringing out every communication need of our company.

Software developer

Laura Guardamagna has a degree in industrial designer, a master in Communication and Media Technology at Polytechnic University of Torino. She worked several years in Multimedia Web Design, E-learning and Web Usability. Currently focused on the development of simplified LCA/CSR tools and Web Application.

About us

Our working group is composed by highly qualified engineers, architects, biologists, sustainable design specialists and environmental experts.


We pay particular attention to the education of our collaborators and, thanks to the application of highly competent and developed instruments, the studio can devote most of the resources to manage the useful information for research project.


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