Ecodesign / Erp Directive

Erp Directive

The EuP Directive 2005/32/EC , amended by the ErP Directive 2009/125/EC, is a key element of EU’s policy in order to improve the energetic and the environmental performances of products within the Internal Market. This Directive is one of the most important initiative by the EU to improve energy efficiency by 20% by the year 2020.
The EuP Directive in itself only defines conditions and criteria for setting implementing measures: they may be adopted for particular products. They shall cover environmentally significant product characteristics, such as energy consumption in the use phase, resource consumption in the production phase, hazardous substances content, waste reduction, extension of lifetime or modular assembling enabling repair and recycling of the product or its components.
The Directive aims to support the free movement of energy and resource efficient products across Europe, which is a fundamental step in order to enhance the European industry competitiveness in the global market place throughout innovative products. The Directive also encourages the integration of ecodesign in small and medium-sized enterprises by easy access to information related to the sustainability of their products. The Ecodesign framework allows the consumer to benefit from a combination of better products, energy savings and an improved environment.


Studio LCE proposals for the Eup Directive

Life Cycle Engineering according to IMQ offers a EcoAudit to support companies to define the best strategy towards the EuP Directive.