ISPRA - Revision of the European Union Eco-label criteria for the Hard Floor Coverings (HFC) product group

2008 - EColabel criteria revision for the hard floor coverings product group

Revision of the European Union Eco-label criteria of the Hard Floor Coverings (HFC) product group. Extension to the soft coverings product group.
The project is leaded by the Italian Competent Body (CB) and ISPRA (Italian Agency for Environmental Protection and Technical Services ) both based in Rome.

This new project follows the "Development of a Draft Commission Decision Establishing the Ecological Criteria for the Award of the Community Eco-label for Hard Floor Coverings (HFC)" made by LCE for the same Agency in the period 2000-2001. The aim of the first project was to support the Italian Environment Protection Agency (APAT) and the European Commission (DG Environment) during the definition of the criteria for the Eco-Label of a new product group, the Hard Floor Coverings (HFC), which includes ceramic tiles, natural stones, agglomerated stones, concrete paving units, terrazzo tiles and clay tiles. A market analysis and a Life Cycle Assessment were performed for each product family and the Eco-Label criteria proposed for the final vote to the European Union Eco-label Board. The former criteria were valid until April 2006.

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