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EGGA - LCA and EPD of hot dip galvanizing

2008 - EGGA (European General Galvanizers Association) - Pan European LCA study and EPD

 EGGA (European General Galvanizers Association) project: in 2005 we were asked to support the association in performing a Pan-european LCI exercise to generate internal ecoprofiles for a set of different galvanized products. The project took into consideration up to 50 hot-dip galvanizing companies in 8 EU countries. Data were collected by of local association to guarantee confidentiality issue: a specific questionnaire was provided to get primary data with fill in instructions. A preliminary analysis of the sample was then performed to check for inconsistencies and lack of information, the contributor of EGGA experts was required to verify the reliability of some data according to different technologies used (the fuel type and its amount was apparently not correct in some cases and we had to set up allocation rules on “waste-by products” leaving the system). The team decided to go for a second run with some specific requirements included in each of the questionnaires in order to achieve the highest level of accuracy and harmonization. Where, according to the information availability, the lack of information was supposed to be not fixed a set of hypotheses was presented in order to have a validation. The LCI report was integrated with a statistical analysis in order to characterize the sample and the assumptions on the data. The model was developed a vertical average enabling averages by country and technology as well, but generating in all the cases an ecoprofile for the four product classes.  The LCI data were internally used for R&D purposes and some indicators were included into “Galvanising and sustainable construction – a specifier’s guide” by EGGA and IZA- Europe, (

In 2010 EGGA also published an EPD developed using the methodology of the International EPD® System. This EPD has been established according to the Product Category Rules (PCR ) for ‘Corrosion Protection for fabricated steel products PCR 2006:1’. The document is currently available in 7 languages (see below for English and Italian versions).

Allegati: EGG3231_epd_english_A4.pdf EGG3231_epd_italian_A4.pdf

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