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APAT (ISPRA) - National LCA database development

1999 - LCA national database development to support Italian practitioners

Review and implementation of the Italian data base for Life Cycle Assessment (I-LCA): in 1997 ANPA promoted the construction of a database, called I-LCA, to support Italian LCA practitioners. The aim of this database was to organise and diffuse information regarding energy and environmental performances of different processes and services in a format that would be useful for LCA analysts (practitioners). The first version was ready in late 1999 but, before the distribution, ANPA decided for a critical review to validate the software. The review process was done by three consultants: LCE performed the critical review  for the energy and transport sectors of the I-LCA in co-operation with Boustead Consulting Ltd. This first version of the database was only distributed within the Agency for internal purposes. In early 2000 ANPA decided to start a second version to implement the existing one. The project ended in 1991 and a CD-ROM with the I-LCA was immediately after available for free and distributed at national level. It contains about 400 modules organised in four sectors, materials, energy, transport and end of life.

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