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2011 - Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration of Econyl yarn (recycled PA6 from post consumer waste)

Aquafil ( is applying the Life Cycle Assessment methodology to its processes devoted to yarn production for textiles, with particular regard to the new product "ECONYL" (recycled PA6 from post consumer waste) for Environmental Product Declaration purposes.

"Sustainability is not a results but a way of thinking and doing; it is a basic principle that should be used to address our choices" from the company environmental policy of Aquafil, by Giulio Bonazzi (President).

From AQUAFIL ECONYL EPD: ".....In 2009 we set ourselves the challenge of collecting waste material all over
the world and turn into recycled polymers to use in our yarn. It is possible to mention other environmental benefits, besides those appreciated from the impact categories investigated in the present study. As a matter of fact part of
virgin raw materials extraction and natural resources exploitation is prevented by the use of waste otherwise disposed off......    Another aspect not directly emerging from the present study, which is worth a mention, is the contribution to the prevention of oceans pollution from the collection of fishnets in their end-of-life."

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