Publications / 2009

Papers / Publications / 2009

G.L. Baldo, M. Marino, M. Montani (2009) - The carbon footprint measurement toolkit for the EU Ecolabel
G.L. Baldo, L. Peano, P. Tecchio (2009) - Bioedilizia: la sostenibilità delle costruzioni a livello europeo e internazionale
S. Taborelli, E. Furno (2009) - EPS: Impatto Ambientale e ciclo di vita – AIPE
G.L. Baldo, E. Furno, S. Taborelli (2009) - La performance ambientale degli edifici: quadro sintetico sui metodi di stima - Industrie e manufatti cementizi n°10/2009
B.De Benedetti, D.Toso, G.L. Baldo, S.Rollino (2009) - ECOAUDIT: a renewed simplified approach to facilitate the environmentally informed material choice, orienting the further life cycle analysis for ecodesigners - 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ECOMATERIALS (Japan), 2009

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Studio LCE is a recognized partner of different companies, research centres and manufacturing associations at (inter)national level that have chosen LCE as scientific and technical partner for LCA and EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) activities.