Publications / 2005

Papers / Publications / 2005

S. Rossi , G.L. Baldo , I.Gentile , S. Pisani (2005) – EPD of A3 speed filling machine– 2004/2005 European Meeting of the International Society for Industrial Ecology, Bologna 10-11 January 2005, p. 241-243.[...poster]
R.Giordano, P. Revellino, S. Rossi (2005) – La valutazione dell'eco compatibilità – Il progetto sostenibile N°5/05, Monfalcone, 10-11 January 2005, p. 42-52.
G.L. Baldo , S. Rossi, (2005) - Life Cycle Assessment: how to demonstrate the environmental qualities of the galvanizing process - EGGA Conference 2005, Prague, 6-8 June 2005.
E. Angelini, B. DeBenedetti, S. Grassini, L. Maffia (2005) - Evaluation of the environmental impact of protective treatments on automotive magnesium alloys - 2nd International Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering in Automotive Applications, 20-22 June 2005, Riva del Garda, Italy.
B. DeBenedetti, S. Grassini, L. Maffia (2005) - Comparison between Eco-profiles of innovative PA-CVD and traditional galvanic coatings - Proc. 3rd International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies, 3-8 July 20 5,Singapore,Vol II, pagg 563-567.
G.L. Baldo, M. Marino, S. Rossi (2005) - Analisi del Ciclo di Vita, LCA - Materiali, prodotti, processi - Edizioni Ambiente, Milano 2005.

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Studio LCE is a recognized partner of different companies, research centres and manufacturing associations at (inter)national level that have chosen LCE as scientific and technical partner for LCA and EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) activities.