Publications / 1996

Papers / Publications / 1996

V. Badino, G. Genon, G.L. Baldo, M. Marmotti (1996) - Ecobalance to Evaluate the Industrial Process Impact on Water Systems - 1’st International Conference, “The Impact of Industry on Groundwater Resources”, 22-24 May 1996, Villa Erba, Cernobbio (Como), p. 121-128.
V. Badino, G.L. Baldo (1996) - Energy Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment - Presentato al Sixth SETAC Europe Annual Meeting, Giardini Naxos Taormina, 19-22 May 1996, Abstract book, p.20. Pubblicato in italiano con il titolo (stessi autori) “Analisi Energetica e Life Cycle Assessment” sul Mensile Acqua-Aria, Febbraio 1998, pp.71-74.
V. Badino, G.L. Baldo (1996) - Con metodo, dalla culla alla tomba - L’Impresa Ambiente, n.6 1996, p.52-57.
B. De Benedetti, V. Badino, G.L. Baldo (1996) - Life Cycle Analysis as Environmental Impact Assessment Tool - European Meeting on Chemical Industry and Environment, Alghero (Italy), 11-13 Sept. 1996, p.1071-1076.
B. De Benedetti, V. Badino, G.L. Baldo (1996) - Life Cycle Assessment of Aluminium and Cast Iron Automobile Engine Blocks - The Second International Conference on Ecobalance, Nov. 18-20 1996, Tsukuba (Japan), pp.339-344.

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